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We are TranslinQ Liner Agencies B.V., a small and young company specialized in handling your import- and export cargo and the distribution in whole Europe. We have all knowledge and experience available to handle your precious cargo the right way. From small urgent packages up to big oversized cargo, we can take this process out of your hands.


Transportation EU

At TranslinQ we have years of experience in international freight transport. We know the way in Europe. Our knowledge and experience gives us the opportunity to offer the right solutions to our customers. We offer transport solutions, regardless of the dimensions or destination of your cargo and we can also arrange all your container transports. As an additional service we can also provide temporary storage for your cargo.


We at TranslinQ we can take care of all your seafreight shipments. Whether these are small packages from 1 kg or oversized shipments. We know what’s required and we can offer efficient transport solutions to our customers. Nothing is too crazy for us.


At TranslinQ we also offer solutions for your top urgent shipments. We can offer airfreight service through our network. We know exactly what’s required, so we can provide our customers with an excellent flight plan for both direct and indirect flights. If the need is really high and the package is not too large, then we can also offer handcarry service, whereby we send your cargo as hand luggage with a courier.


If you do business internationally, you will inevitably be confronted with customs formalities. Lot’s of paperwork, with all the potential sticking points involved, requiring specific knowledge. At TranslinQ we can help our customers with both exporting and importing goods. We have years of experience in international freight transport and are happy to take this out of your hands.


If you have any questions, or if you would like to receive a quotation. We are available 24/7.


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